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Palacio del Flamenco

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Palacio del Flamenco in Barcelona is a cast of Flamenco singers, dancers, guitar players and other musicians, offering a powerful staging and musical event.

A journey through different types of Flamenco provides the Flamenco lover with the opportunity to participate intensely in this art performance while the amateur audience will be able to enjoy a wonderful and unforgettable Flamenco night.

In the show, you will also be able to see some classic Spanish dance acts with the intention to offer a glimpse of the wonderful classics and varied dances of flamenco.

Important information :
- You can book Show & Drink at 07.15PM and 10.40PM
- Please arrive 10 minutes before time.
- You can book Show and Dinner (Special offer or Gaudi Menu) at 06.40PM and 09.40PM.
- Please arrive 10 minutes before time.
- Palacio del Flamenco is on every day.
- Show and dinner last approximately 2 hours.
- Show and drink last approximately 1½ hour.
- Children under 4 years old are free of charge.
- Click here to see The Special offer and Gaudi Menu

Opening hours

Show and Drink, every day at 07.15PM and 10.40PM. Show and Dinner, every day at 06.40PM and 09.40PM. Be there 15 mins before.


tue, 14 aug 2018


Palacio del Flamenco

Meeting Address: PALACIO DE FLAMENCO c/Balmes, 139 08008 Barcelona Spain (Map, see under ”directions”)